Last updated: 29 February 2020
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  • Bryan, N.C., F. Lebreton, M. Gilmore, G. Ruvkun, M.T. Zuber and C.E. Carr, Genomic and functional characterization of Enterococcus faecalis isolates recovered from the International Space Station and their potential for pathogenicity, submitted to Frontiers: Microbiology of Extreme and Human-Made Confined Environments, 2020.

  • Cascioli, G., F. De Marchi, A. Genova, L. Iess, D.E. Smith and M.T. Zuber, The contribution of a large baseline intersatellite link to relativistic metrology, submitted to IEEE Metrology for Aerospace, Pisa, Italy, 22-24 June 2020.

  • Oran, R., B.P. Weiss, M.DeS. Santacruz-Pich, I. Jun, D.J. Lawrence, C. Polanskey, M. Ratliff, J.B. Ream, C.T. Russell, Y. Sphrits, M.T. Zuber, L.T. Elkins-Tanton and the Psyche Team, Minimum conditions for radiation belts around planets and small bodies, submitted to Geophys. Res. Lett., 2020.

  • Elkins-Tanton, L.T., J.F. Bell III, H. Bercovici, B. Bills, R. Binzel, W.F. Bottke, S. Dibb, D.J. Lawrence, S. Marchi, T.J. McCoy, R. Oran, R.S. Park, P.N. Peplowski, C.A. Polanskey, T.H. Prettyman, C.T. Russell, L. Schaefer, B.P. Weiss, M.A. Wieczorek1, D.A. Williams and M.T. Zuber, Observations, meteorites, and models: A pre-flight assessment of the composition and formation of (16) Psyche, J. Geophys. Res. Planets, in press, 2020.

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