Last updated: 2 November 2018
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  • Carr C.E., K. Saboda, A. Mojarro, J. Hachey, S.A. Bhattaru, G. Ruvkun and M.T. Zuber. Nucleic Acid Sequencing Under Mars-Like Conditions submitted to IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2019 March 2-9, Big Sky, MT, 2018.

  • Mojarro, A., J. Hachey, R. Bailey, M. Brown, R. Doebler, G. Ruvkun, M.T. Zuber and C.E. Carr, Nucleic acid extraction and sequencing from low-biomass synthetic Mars analog soils for in situ life detection, bioRxi, doi:, submitted to Astrobiology, 2018.

  • Ding, M., J. Lin, M.T. Zuber and C. Gu, Constraints on Martian lithospheric strength from localized gravity/topography admittance and correlation analysis, submitted to J. Geophys. Res. Planets, 2016.

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  • Park, R.S., A.T. Vaughan, A.S. Konopliv, A.I. Ermakov, N. Mastrodemos, J.C. Castillo-Rogez, S.P. Joy, A. Nathues, C.P. Polansky, J.E. Riedel, C.A. Raymond, C.T. Russell and M.T. Zuber, High-resolution shape model of Ceres from stereophotoclinometry using Dawn imaging data, Icarus, in press, 2018.

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