Last updated: 25 January 2015
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  • Tye, A.R., C.I. Fassett, J.W. Head, E. Mazarico, A.T. Basilevsky, G.A. Neumann, D.E. Smith and M.T. Zuber, The age of lunar south circum-polar craters Haworth, Shoemaker, Faustini and Shackleton: Implications for regional geology, surface processes and volatile sequestration, submitted to Icarus, 2015.

  • Tian, Z., M.T. Zuber and S. Stanley, Magnetic field modeling for Mercury using dynamo models with stable layers and laterally variable heat flux, submitted to Icarus, 2015.

  • Stark, A., J. Oberst, F. Preusker, K. Gwinner, S.J. Peale, J._L. Margot, M.T. Zuber and S.C. Solomon, Feasibility of the determination of Mercury's rotation parameters using image and laser altimetry data from MESSENGER, submitted to Planet. Space Sci., 2015.

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